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Thread: 2 Spells, 1 Inquisitor - Another way to solo level 50 elites

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    Default 2 Spells, 1 Inquisitor - Another way to solo level 50 elites

    I skimmed through a recent post about soloing elites as a cleric and most responses were about using a melee build. That obviously works but I've found another method that works as an Inquisitor and only requires alternating 2 spells.

    Assuming you didn't put any points in the skill that gives Bolt of Depravity a dot effect, all an Inquisitor has to do to solo otherwise impossible elites (assuming they're not immune to CC) is...

    1. Cast Bolt of Depravity
    2. Cast Bewilder (Throw on that 7% magic debuff if you're feeling frisky)
    3. ???
    4. Repeat 1 and 2, profit.

    This is probably common knowledge amongst clerics but I haven't seen anyone anywhere (in the game or here) mention it yet so just to make sure, there ya go.

    Some elites can get off instant abilities/spells and throw a wrench in the process but can be overcome using potions, various other things to survive such tomfoolerly.

    I've soloed many otherwise impossible elites using this tactic. It's pretty slow but in some cases you won't take a single point of damage. The only slightly annoying this is the random path the elite will take while Bewildered. That can be changed by casting Bewilder until the mob goes in the direction you want, however.

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    You touch on something that I have ran into with my inqy/warden build... It gives a decent ammount of CC, but everything I do for damage is dots! its kinda frustrating...

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