So I was messing around last night with a Justicar/Inq build and came up with this. It is mainly a soloing/small group build with support capabilities.

Highlights of the build:

15% Damage Reduction
4 Sec stun on 20 Sec cooldown
3 sec unbreakable root
2 knock backs
Possible 20% increased magic damage
AoE fear
AoE interrupt on an 8 sec cooldown
Single Target confuse
decent heals on damage
decent AoE heals
4 Instant dots/dd's

Im interested to see what you guys think as far as if this would work as a PvP soloing build. I ran it last night and was happy with the results. Good survivability and I was able to keep my group mates up as well as long as it wasnt a multiple warrior/sab train.