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Thread: Druid raid usefulness after patch(alpha)

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    Default Druid raid usefulness after patch(alpha)

    So after the only use druid has in raids (Fury of the Fae) is(PLEASE NO) remade, I can't really come to any idea of how do you play druid and what for. Being useless in pvp but mandatory in pve is at least half of a painkiller, but then being useless in both is just stupid. Already all the dps is covered by a nice buffer (bm champ 5% dmg increase on dps soul) and melee or ranged dps (sabo) so if you now make the only buff a else useless soul has available for 1 of the best buffers and healers already (bard) is only gonna make the raid more rogue centered and completely druid unfriendly. Really come to your sense plx, completely absurd change for a class not so often played.
    Any of the dev has a comment or is it just a troll/whine section?
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