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Thread: Cleric Spec class dungeon suggestions?

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    Default Cleric Spec class dungeon suggestions?

    ^^^ Says it all.

    I was just curious of what a good cleric spec would be for a solo heal for low 17-20 dungeons.

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    This will get you all the necessary tools you should need. The typical strategy is to use Healing Spray when the tank starts battle, followed by Healing Current when the tank is below 80% health or so for a second HoT + Direct Heal. Everything else is situation-based, you've got:

    Healing Grace for a 2 second cast heal
    Healing Breath for an insta-cast
    Touch the Light + Healing Invocation for a strong emergency heal
    Healing Communion for an expensive but sometimes useful group heal

    Refresh your HoT's effectively to prevent overhealing, use your other heals carefully, and don't spam the group heal and mana management should not be an issue for this level range and spec. It's also a great idea to spec yourself with as much Wisdom and Spellpower gear as possible to increase mana regen and to make sure you're getting the most out of every heal you cast. Runes are a great help, too. A couple of extra points for Wisdom and Intelligence can really help you out.

    Hope this helps

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