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Thread: Is Satyr worth it?

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    Default Is Satyr worth it?

    Ok ive just got to 31 had been leveling with an inquisitor heavy build using hex and then fanaticism souldrain etc.

    I tried a shaman build which seems like great single target dps with some ok aoe from maelstrom strike and avalanche.

    I had heard that at 31 the way to go was druid to get the satyr, i was trying this out the other day and during a pull of multi mobs the satyr dies.

    I manage to keep up with the sentinel 0 pt heal and the shaman and druid shield and basically spamming wild strikes slowing hacking down the targets.

    My question is would it be better to stop at 26 pts in druid and walk about with the greater fairie. It seems like once the satyr died i was doing fine and with the greater fairie adding to my healing I could do even better.

    The points could then be spent in Shaman to get up to jolt and eventually Maelstrom strike to add to the aoe, and basically keep combined effort up to boost the fairie and then macro fated blow, jolt, maelstrom, wildstrikes?

    Also I have read that weight of the world isnt working and does not add to the crit damage making the top of the druid tree less appealing.

    Would something like this:


    At level 36 me a more efficient way to hack through mutlimob pulls?

    Then using the normal shaman style macro but with eruption of life and combined effort mixed in for single targets?

    This is purely in a questing leveling context rather than max dps in instances etc.

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    I'd recommend putting 11 points in Justicar and then you can keep the Satyr healed with Reparation and Doctrine of Loyalty. I just added Censure into my Druid attack rotation of Eruption of Life, Combined Effort and Fervent Strike, and generated enough Convictions to throw out a Doctrine of Loyalty when needed.

    Try to keep Rage of the Fae and Natural Dedication on cooldown, and you should plow through the mobs just fine.

    Something like this Druid/Justicar

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