So my favorite build is probably the Inquisicar arch-type and have been experimenting with other builds based roughly off of these 3 souls.

My current obsession is trying to work on an AE-Caster tank and have come to see if I could get some input from others.

The basic premise is the mob is half dead before it gets to you if it's a single target and if it's a group of mobs, then they are all dead when they get to if you are soloing. Mostly use this for AE farming and such for large survivability and to take out some elites that I come across... *

Initial build

Justicar: 38
Inquisitor: 18
Sentinel: 10

Initial tests are ok. Will definitely do more while re-specing to find a perfect balance. I think the itemizing issues and perhaps my lack of toughness is putting this build on hold for me atm. I can *barely* pull out a 50+ elite. Hell no to a caster sometimes... maybe someone with tanky-tank gear could try it out and give me some pointers or a more well-timed rotation / macro setup?

Single target goes something like this...

Mez (gives you time to setup)
Dispell (if they are buffed)
Banish (this is the exact time when mez wears off or slightly before)
Sanction Heretic
Bolt of Radiance
Life's Vengeance
<re-apply dots / melee* til dead>

*(Censure, Precept, Strike)

You never need a heal on trash. You only need them if you get exposed on AE pulls (which sucks btw).

AE pulls are:

Vex, Vex, Vex, Vex. Soul Drain - Righteous Imperative. Even Justice, Even Justice. Soul Drain - finish the left-overs with life damage for convictions to heal up while running to the next pull or your setup area... Pull a single with Aggressive Renewal/Purpose to fill up when you're mana gets low and continue on...

I know it's not perfect and my gear doesn't exactly allow for "tanky-tank" justicar at the moment (no toughness) but I just want to get some thoughts on this idea and perhaps some ways to improve it's functionality. (or hell maybe even FIND it's function lol )