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Thread: Where is all the cleric tank gear?!?!

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    Default Where is all the cleric tank gear?!?!

    Ive done a hundred of experts and raids, still yet to find a good cleric tanking item. Ya u can buy t1 with plaques... but what to do after? spend 6 months farming the plaques for the INCREASED COST(new patch) already overpriced t2 gears? gettin 14-16 plaques per t2 instance? Maybe make some cleric tanking gear and implement them into the game as t2 expert drops, and raid drops.

    Oh and dont nerf justicars crappy enough aoe heal buff. We already have threat issues.

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    the only epic chain tanking piece ive been able to find on loot tables t1/t2 is pants form the second boss in IT, yeah they are Nerf in our raid heal abilty to 5 cause pvp peeps *****, sigh yay for harder pve. u'll get a geard healing off spec while farming badges for main spec :C.

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    2 things,

    First I haven't seen any purple tanking gear(other than plaque gear) at all yet (rouge warrior or cleric), the best I've seen so far is blue drops from t2 runs, though none has been chain.

    Threat issues? You do realize that this is issue is tank wide and not limited to Justicars? For some reason there is a ridiculously low threat cap. Even so I have a much easier maintaining threat over other tanks. Any geared DPS can pull off of any tank, period. When I run Shaman, I have to delay rage of north sometimes if I have had a long crit string before I am ready to use it.
    A Justicar's path is not one of ease. But, hey, we do get to hit stuff.

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