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Thread: low lvl healing

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    Default low lvl healing

    just looking for some tips on low lvl dungeon healing, im warden/purifier14/sentinal7 at lvl 16, found it kind of hard to keep the tank up in IT even tho he was lvl 21, i use restorative flame and healing flame for tank heals and healing breath to pick up the rest, tho it dosent seem to be good enough the tank would of died without his lay on hands, or whatever its called.

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    I'd suggest trying 0Sentinel/16Warden/5Purifier

    Maintain your hots on the tank with Healing Flame to help on the spikes, and orbs when the tank is taking considerable damage. Healing Breath/hot the party when they take damage. There's not much aoe to worry about in IT though, so you should be alright.

    If you'd prefer to stick with Sentinel and Purifier, make sure you put 16 points in Purifier to get the targeted shield.
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    For what its worth, I just tried this as my first time healing an instance, RotF. No deaths, 2 dots kept the lvl 16 tank up through most of it, deluge + flames handled the spikes. On party wide damage, the aoe hot was enough.

    Thanks for posting this build

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