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Thread: Sentinel Cleric Healing Observations (primarily 51pt info)

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    Default Sentinel Cleric Healing Observations (primarily 51pt info)

    Healing as 51pt sentinel, thought I would share some thoughts. Have tried warden, I was bad at it (hot management+ latency and little prior experience re: that druid from that other game). Tried Purifier, found it enjoyable but preferred sentinel in the end.

    -Healing Breath-
    The cooldown is generous, the throughput is good and it is useful in tight spots. the Enraptured Breath adds additional utility whilst still in keeping with the goal of the Sentinel tree.

    -Healing Grace-
    Something doesn't seem quite right with healing grace. I believe it is due to it having little to no synergy with any talent points and it's cast time or throughput seem to be lacking somewhat. It serves a purpose as filler however compared to its warden and purifier counterparts it under-performs.

    -Healing Communion-
    Healing Communion is a pretty solid ability however we pay extra to cast it because it heals 10 people rather than the more common 5 people. This causes issues in 5mans as it is our go-to ability for AoE healing and it eats at our mana bar something fierce. We almost require a bard for AoE healing heavy fights not because we can't heal the damage, but because our mana doesnt last the distance. I would suggest reducing the targets healed to 5 and reducing the mana cost while making a few changes to Divine Call.

    -Divine Call-
    Increase targets healed to 10, other than that, Divine Call is a solid ability.

    -Marked by the Light-
    Interesting ability. I find however that the duration, charges, targets healed and lack of a cooldown all seem a little random. If I were to change anything, it would be removal of the charges at the least.

    -Healing Benediction-
    Is pretty solid, though throughput, cooldown and targets healed don't quite seem to add up in potency to downpour (51pt warden root ability). Not asking for the same ability, but something comparable in overall power would be nice. Channeled targetted AoE heal perhaps?

    Healing Invocation-
    Great ability, lasting invocation (once working as intended) is very good, Word of Hope makes Invocation the bread and butter single target healing ability.


    Luminous Gaze. While I understand that it is more used from a damage dealing standpoint, it does bring group utility but a 15 second duration doesn't quite seem to cut it when you are healing. It could be argued that you need not take it, but in a 51pt spec, you have it anyway and if you make the choice to take it in a non-51pt spec, then you are intending to use it and keep it up 100% of the time so it comes down to convenience. A longer duration would be nice.

    Word of Hope affects one spell. Disciple of Flame and Oceans Blessing affect a multitude of spells. Would be nice to see Healing grace added to the list of abilities that receive a spell power bonus or perhaps all single target sentinel spells would bring it in line with the warden and purifier equivalent.

    Serendipity. Currently bugged while chain casting spells with cast times. The serendipity charge will be consumed by the following spell without providing a benefit to cast time. (Apparently fixed with 1.1)

    Specifically pertaining to combat rezzes, the delay in accepting a ressurection will quite often lead to your demise shortly afterwards anyway.

    Lasting Invocation HoT component is calculated by actual amount healed on the target on cast, not expected healing. Target has lost 500 health, invocation lands for 3000 healing, lasting invocation heals for 150 health over 8 seconds calculated from the 500 effective healing, rather than the expected 900 health over 8 seconds.

    I would love to see some way of boosting crit chance, I understand that our forte is the ability to regen mana via stats, but when we look at chloros, they have little difficulty keeping their mana pool up "and" they gain a solid amount of crit via the int they have on their gear. On top of that, our available gear has what seems to be a priority of focus > spell power > crit.

    Warden - Surging Rapids affects healing breath (and by extension enraptured breath) and also divine call and Aquatic Affinity is always useful. By dropping at least 8 points into warden, we also gain Tidal Surge which is very good when used in conjunction with our big healers re: divine call, healing benediction.

    Purifier - Flame Speaker adds a little to our relatively woeful crit rate and 5% wisdom from Spirit Guidance is nothing too shabby either. Enflamed Rejuvenation is quite awesome when paired with a 51pt sentinel spec, an additional 30% healing on a clutch Touch the Light + Healing Invocation combo can make quite a difference. My main issue with Purifier as a sub spec is that we gain nothing of use in the way of root abilities. We already have a DoT that is instant cast, a nuke, a bonus instant cast nuke, a quick heal, an endurance buff, a rez, a cleanse, a big heal. A 15pt sentinel spec gets an AoE heal, a utility cooldown in Touch the Light where purifier brings nothing interesting in their early root abilities that other specs would need. Hell, even Ward of the Ancestors would be nice at 12, this would mean we could grab Protection of the Ancestors and have an instant cast buffer ability while we wait for Healing Breath cooldown or Invocation to finish casting.

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    Default Thank you

    Subscribed. Thank you for your insights. Also, there is something in the patch notes for 1.1 about the Serendipity issue you reference being repaired.

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