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Thread: Cleric Tank Itemization

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    Default Cleric Tank Itemization

    Is it just me, or is it really hard to find good gear in the t1/t2 dungeons for Justicar tanking compared to warrior pieces?

    I cannot use most gear outside of the Plaque pieces for sake of losing toughness. The shields all seem sub-par to their warrior counterparts. Everything is very underwhelming in general.

    Not to mention the upgrade path available (Plaque gear) is becoming more and more ridiculous to get as patches come out.

    I just cleared up all the t2 dungeons w/ a Chloro/Bard healer comp and the following stats (the same I started t2's with mind you):

    (With only Mien of Leadership)
    18% damage reduction from talents (all sources) + 5% with rotation
    58% Phys DR from Armor
    26% block (46% w/ Rotation)
    19% Parry
    1.2% Dodge

    Perhaps I'm missing something? Could someone point out a few good pieces for Justicar tanks - it seems really hard to balance out toughness/Avoidance/Mitigation given the gear available to us.
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