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Thread: Error with the satyr?

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    Default Error with the satyr?

    I might just be crazy, but I hit 31 with my druid and was able to get the long awaited satyr pet. Now I tooled around with it for a bit, and I noticed that my dps had not changed one jot. I was hiting for the same damage on regular hits, abilities, and crits as I was before. I found this slightly odd since the satyr has that handy dandy 15% increase to attack power aura. So I check my attack power without it then I summoned it and checked again. I found my attack power had gone up by 4, yes 4. I have roughly 370-80 attack power, so by my math, the aura should be giving me about 55 more attack power(These are rough estimates after a long day at work, cut me slack with my math.) My unmodified attack power, ignoring all class and gear buffs, off of my natural strength and dex, was 27, and for those of you who do not know, 4.05 is 15% of 27. I dont know if the buff is supposed to work like that, but my dps was bumped by 0.1 per second, and I dont think its even going to be too helpful to warriors or rogues who will have better physicals then my cleric. The pet itself is worth the soul point, but I still can't help but feel a little cheated by the aura.

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    It goes by base AP, which you, as a cleric, have very little of.

    Dont worry though, they nerfed the damage on some druid skills to compensate...

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    They removed the AP aura next patch anyway, it's now the same buff as the bard buff. Which is a buff when soloing, a nerf when raiding.

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