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Thread: "...is no longer unintentionally affected by Stormborn." ?

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    Question "...is no longer unintentionally affected by Stormborn." ?

    The patch notes for Shaman talk about Rank 1 of Strike of maelstrom being corrected to not benefit from Stormborn, which increases Air damage. It has been reported by a few different players that certain Shaman abilities do not benefit at all from this talent, such as Strike of maelstrom and Lightning hammer. The only ability that get's boosted is Jolt, even though all three abilities have air damage.

    These patch notes seem to suggest the opposite and that it is intentional to exclude Strike of maelstrom.....any clarification from devs or more detailed player testing on what Stormborn talent affects? Maelstrom and Lightning Hammer are both dot damage for air so that may be a reason why it could be bugged.

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    Strike of the Maelstrom is Physical. The dot you get from it(Eye of the storm I think?) is air dmg and is affected. Same for Lightning Hammer, the initial hit isn't, the dot is. The rank 1 of Strike of the Maelstrom is probably air dmg instead of physical thus the patch notes.

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