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Thread: Lowbie Tanking Help --

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    Default Lowbie Tanking Help --

    I'm sure this thread won't be thrilling for most, but any help is appreciated.

    Leveling up my little alt and I want to take a swing at tanking IT at 18 or 19, was wondering if this build is about where I should be:


    Also, given the terribleness of cleric shields, is it wise to tank with a 2h for increased threat / healing through reparation? Any advice appreciated.

    One last thing, if anyone can comment on how is the most efficient ways to build threat with these limited tools, that would really be helpful.

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    As far as two handed tanking goes, generally it isn't worth it until you get three points in Devout Deflection. Also Doctrine of Valiance, for the mana, isn't worth the poitn you have in it, just drop it, I have yet to find a reason (not yet fifty) to use it in pve.

    Dump your three points in Hammer of Virtue and put them in Stalwart Citadel, and make sure to pick up Precept of Refuge for one point. That way you have a 5 man aoe spam, infinite mana with Purpose, and a decent amount of mitigation through block. You can switch to two handed with the parry skill, but I prefer to just go balls up with a full parry, block, shield build. Last time I checked you can parry while you use sword and board, the more mitigation the better really. Cleric shields aren't as bad as everyone thinks because of that armor boost from MoL. Even without safe haven the permanent 15% block from Precept or Refuge is a no brainer really. Make a macro like this.

    #show Precept of Refuge
    cast Censure
    cast Precept of Refuge
    cast Even Justice

    Censure first ensures you have the conviction to start it up, and from there on out you should have it up automatically the rest of the fight without trying. I have this setup on two macros, one for aoe and one for single. Have your single target 3sec taunt on a side mouse button for easy access, and go to town. Feel free to put lightning Hammer in the single target macro below precept but before Strike of Judgement for more dps and thus threat. I also like to take sent/puri/ward instead of druid for either the insta heal/shield/hot, adds more to your dungeon crawl than fairie, trust me. Also when you get that sixth extra point make sure to get your second shield. having multiple shields and using them constantly is a gift to your healer, and having an ally mandated and ready to heal is a good, good idea.

    Justicars make great leveling tanks because their self-healing is noticable, their spam aoe is strong before others (reavers have it easy but pallies have to wait awhile) and you get some more healing power later on with your mega heal on you and a mandated ally, great OH **** button.

    You shouldn't have much problem tanking as long as your gear is respectable (a little bit of Endurance on it).
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