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Thread: A quick question about Group Heal/AoE Heal Mechanics

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    Default A quick question about Group Heal/AoE Heal Mechanics

    Ok firstly, the biggest difference I noticed from group heals in WoW is the transformation to complete AoE heals in Rift.

    Now I haven't been able to do much testing but can someone give me some light on how the priority system works?

    1. I'm guessing your 5 man heals aren't completely restricted to your party, correct me if I'm wrong. Therefore is it the 5 or 10 most lowest health raid members who will get the heal? Or is it random? Or is it the 5-10 most closest players to me?

    2. Targetting someone then casting an AoE heal won't force the HoT on them, will it?

    3. Considering my healing breath talent buff seems to 90% of the time heal pets with full health rather than my party members who are damaged, AoE heals are a slight concern. Should healing breath be doing this and does it work differently to other AoE heals? It doesn't seem like it according to talent descriptions, which therefore makes me think its random or the closest party/raid members/pets.

    4. Also on a side note, is healing % increase always better than spell power % increase for healing abilities?

    Much appreciated, Refuge x
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