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Thread: PvE leveling Build's

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    Default PvE leveling Build's

    So i got to 26 last night.

    Ive been using the following



    my main is a level 50 mage, and i can pull 5-7 mobs at a time and aoe them down easily.

    Is this possible with cleric ? So far im not seeing it to be as survivable as mage, but.. i admit i havent had time to look through specs for leveling/pve solo hence im asking for suggestions here.
    50 Mage

    Master Runecraft
    Master Outfitter

    50 Cleric
    Master Armorsmith
    Master Weaponsmith

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    make time. seriously there are like 500 threads on AE specs and they are all pretty much the same concept.

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    ... is the spec I suggest to leveling clerics.

    Here's the spec: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=00...gx0qz.VuMo.V0x
    Here's the spec at 26: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=00drj.ExobMb.VuMo

    Basically you want to take every talent that increases Vex damage and healing, then any talent that affects Soul Drain (+crit, fanaticism). Once you reach Circle of Oblivion, you can go back down the tree to max out every damage-boosting talent there is in this rough order:
    - Life and Death Concord > Armor of Devotion >Symbol of Corruption > Corporal Punishment

    You'll also want these macros to make your life easier:
    #show Soul Drain
    cast Fanaticism 
    cast Soul Drain
    #show Bolt of Depravity
    cast Fanaticism 
    cast Bolt of Depravity
    #show Purpose
    cast Fanaticism
    cast Censure                  <<<<<< Optional >>>>>>
    cast Strike of Judgment
    The Purpose macro is used as a mana regen tool. Press it once when Purpose is off cooldown, then mash it to melee your target until the Purpose buff fades from you. This should regen about 50% of your mana.

    The other two macro are just to bind Fanaticism to your two most powerful spells. Fanaticism + Soul Drain is just hilarious burst damage, and Bolt of Depravity hits pretty hard.

    General Tips

    Before you engage in combat, make sure you have all the following buffs:
    - Cavalier
    - Mien of Honor
    - Salvation
    - Reparation
    - Armor of Devotion (or Treachery)
    - Spiritual Protection
    - Shroud of Agony
    - Heroic Blessing

    For single target dps, pull with a Bolt of Depravity, then put up Vex and Sanction Heretic. Spam Bolt of Judgment and use Bolt of Depravity when Life and Death Concord procs. Purge enemies using Death/Life resistance buffs, absorption shields or other powerful buffs.

    For multi target dps, pull 3-5 enemies using Vex and Sanction Heretic, then hit your Soul Drain macro. Depending on the Hit Points left on your enemies, you can either reapply Vex on all of them and use Soul Drain when the cooldown is over, or channel Circle of Oblivion.

    If your life gets low and Vex is applied to all your enemies: Use Healing Breath and Doctrine of Bliss. If you run out of convictions, alternate a Life-damage spell and Doctrine of Bliss while keeping Healing Breath on cooldown. If you're in way over your head, go into Mien of Leadership stance for increased HP / Armor.

    To sustain your mana, use Aggressive Renewal on cooldown. Use the Purpose macro every few packs of mobs as necessary.

    Before you pull 4-5 mobs to AoE, single target one down to see if it has a stun, silence, knockback or other annoyances. This will save you a lot of death.

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    I'm 23 right now on my Shammy/Druid spec and haven't needed to take on 5-7 mobs for anything, but I have taken on 3-4 plenty of times and done just fine. Could of probably added a 5th for fun I guess.

    Probably will go back and try my Inq role once I get high enough for CoO.

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    Just / Sham takes 5 mobs and solos elites much easier than a mage. It's just not as fast.

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