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Thread: Ideas for Optimal Warden Raid Build

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    Default Ideas for Optimal Warden Raid Build

    With the upcoming nerf to Surging Flames and Chloro and Bard healing I was thinking there might actually be a place for wardens in the raid to do some AoE healing while keeping HoT's on the tank i.e. Tank/Raid Healer.

    My question is regarding the best place to put the last 15 pts assuming we're going a 51 pt Warden build. Sure the last 15 pts won't have a significant effect and I might be trying to over analyze the build but I just want to optimize the build.

    I've yet to run 51 pt Warden spec in raids but I've come up with 3 different builds based on how fast my mana actually goes down.

    Note: So the important fact to consider if I'm going to attempt this is most of the Warden AoE heals use up a lot of mana and if I spend the last 15 pts aimed at throughput I may not have enough mana to last some raid encounters.

    Build 1: A mix of both throughput and mana regen.

    1. Benediction: 5 pts
    2. Flame Speaker: 5 pts - Increases the chance of procing "Tidal Resonance" and "Overflow". Sure if I wanted to save mana I could put 5 pts into "Light Concentration" instead. However the crit from "Flame Speaker" and "Overflow" healing also provides some extra throughput and not just mana conservation.
    3. Spiritual Guidance: 5 pts - Increases "Overflow" healing and the increase in wisdom would provide mana regen. Sure I could spec pure SP and go for "Watchful Gaze" but I wouldn't get mana regen.

    Build 2: Maximizing mana regen.

    1. Benediction: 5 pts
    2. Light Concentration: 5 pts
    ?????3. This is where I'm unsure. "Flame Speaker" vs "Spiritual Guidance". If I get "Flame Speaker" would I be casting enough HoT's to take advantage of the mana conservation from the 5% increased Critical Hit Chance via "Tidal Resonace" or would the mana regen be better from the 5% increased wisdom from "Spiritual Guidance"???? It'd be great if someone had some insight into this.

    Build 3: Maximizing Throughput
    1. Benediction: 5 pts
    2. Watchful Gaze: 5 pts
    ??????3. Once again I'm unsure. "Walk in the Light" vs "Flame Speaker" vs "Spiritual Guidance". Which one would be the best for throughput???????

    Any thoughts, insights or ideas would be much appreciated.
    It's also very likely I could be looking at this wrong and there's other hybrid warden specs which provide a higher HPS in raids.
    Please post your Warden Raid builds.
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