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Thread: Mouse over healing with self cast modifier

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    Default Mouse over healing with self cast modifier

    As a former WoW PvP healer, its been bothering me a lot not being able to have mouse over heals and a self cast modifier button. I searched the forums and couldn't find any macro that worked. (if this has been posted already, sorry for the duplicate information, I just wasn't able to find it anywhere)
    I messed around with lots of different macro's and came up with one last night that I wanted to share.

    My newest macro seems to work very well for my play style. The macro is:

    #show Healing Spray
    cast @mouseover Healing Spray
    Target [alt] @Self
    This macro will cast Healing spray on anyone you have moused over.
    If you cursor isn't hovering over anyone it will heal your target.
    If you use alt and this macro (Currently bound to my 3 Key, so its Alt+3) it targets myself and casts this spell on me.
    The downside of this macro is that it does change my target to myself.
    My fix to this was to bind "~" to do targetlasttarget since it is so close to all my heal keys (1-6).
    Since my place style is almost always mouse over, my target doesn't really matter anyways.

    I hope this helps others healers out there with a similar play style.


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    Yeah. I use mouseovers for just about everything. I was using all [target=mouseover, exists][target=player] so I found the best way to do that was to simply leave myself permanently targeted while using mouseover macros for every spell in my spellbook lol. Healing communion in particular is frustrating because I have to cast it on myself to heal my group, otherwise someone won't be in range. For a while i didn't realize it was targeted aoe based, things did not go so well.

    Thanks for this macro, should be able to incorporate it into my healing style.

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