I decided I am going to try and level strictly from WFs.

Questing bores me to tears and I don't feel like grinding is as effective as it is in other games.

I really like Sentinel healing.

I know that healing done in WF is completely misleading, but I typically pull 60-70k healing done on my Sent spec.

But I know there's room for improvement.

I die very, very fast.

I'm want a build that focuses on getting as many serendipity procs as possible so I can cast my 3 second heal as fast as possible, so I was thinking something along the lines of this (I'm 33 atm.)


Purifier for the Shield, 12 in Warden for the Flood (So I can hope that will crit, and spam healing spray inbetween heals hoping that will crit, giving me serendipity procs)

Than the Knockback ofc.

I know that Justicar is supposed to be a really good PvP soul, but I kind of really don't like it.

Is it absolutely necessary?

I suppose the 90% endurance increase is probably nice. If you even go that far? I can't remember how far in that is. But does that reduce the effectiveness of non Justicar heals on other people too? Or just on yourself? I haven't read the talent very carefully. And than you have that doctrine heal. To be honest I have unlocked Justicar, but I played it for all of 5 minutes before I decided I didn't like it.

And I see a lot of recommendations for Inquisitor? I really just want to be a heal bot. I don't want to deal any damage. Is Inquisitor necessary too?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.