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Thread: Need help deciding between speccs on my melee cleric (PvP/DPs Focused)

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    Default Need help deciding between speccs on my melee cleric (PvP/DPs Focused)

    I've been trying to decide on a specc for several days and i've been over 10000 different speccs that seems viable and decent but i just cant decide.. :/ I feel blind looking trough all the builds and need you guys to give pro's/con's that i've missed and well, critisizm and feedback aswell.

    This is mainly for a lonely PvPer since i'll be running solo most of the time in both world PvP and WFs. Im more interested in DPS then survability.

    Build 1 : RNG Shaman

    Build 2 : alittle Less crit/burst dmg but hopefully abit more survability.

    Build 3 : Full Shaman build with either 11 in Senti/Inq

    Theese are the 3 im juggling with atm, Anyone out that's been testing / Parsing alot of builds that would be kind enough to get me some feedback on what your numbers show and what your thoughts are that would be great.

    Also, If you have better builds please do post them even if it would make my decision even harder

    / NaSSaL

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    The Templar soul should be a strong consideration if you really want to PVP as a cleric. -15% chance to be critically hit is a big one on its own.

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