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Thread: Cleric armor identification/clarification

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    Default Cleric armor identification/clarification

    So, I've taken some looks around sanctum and found what appears to be the tier and raid armor vendors, got a couple of questions if anybody knows the answers.

    Looks like Holy/Consecrated relic vendors are Tier 1 gear, while Elder Relics is Tier 2, and Major Relics is raid gear? If this is the case, are Holy/Consecrated vendors supposed to be the same vendor with a different name?

    Also, after looking through all of that, I've not found the armor set I'm looking for. It's shown under Purifier on the classes page -- looks pretty ornate, much more than the others, but it's apparently not tier or raid gear. Any idea what it is?

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    Interesting. Your gear is actually different to ours (except elder). We have minor, major, elder. And pretty sure elder is raid gear, whereas minor/major is t1/t2. However, I could be very wrong :P

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