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Thread: Best cleric leveling spec for solo?

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    Default Best cleric leveling spec for solo?

    Hey all,

    I run a warrior now but considering some alts. Plus I want to know how clerics work so I can do my job as a tank a little better.

    What's the best solo cleric leveling spec, any hint to point allocations?

    And when I get a little higher and want to try healing in groups, what type of specs are best?


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    Some thoughts:

    - the 3 healer souls are too light on damage to use as leveling specs but make good secondaries.
    - Druid is a very solid soloer, combining dps, cc, heals, and pet. It's also a good second soul until level 27 as the pet is a weak healbot.
    - Shaman is fun and kills fast. A little fragile early on.
    - Inquisitor is very strong. A dot that heals you, a powerful aoe early on.
    - Cabalist is kinda weird. I'll admit I haven't figured it out yet.
    - Justicar is popular as it's so tough but imo a little weak on damage to be a good leveling spec.
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    For sheer survivabillity, a Justicar primary is nice, but its dps is pretty low. Still, it's kinda fun to be able to pull 5 mobs at once and finish the fight with 100% health and 95+% mana due to the mana recovery from all the blocking. . . .

    For better speed of killing and still able to kill 4-5 mobs at a time, the "Inquisicar" (Inquisitor primary, plus 8-11 points in Justicar 8 for Improved Salvation, 10 if you want the Mien of Honor boost to your Salvation heals, 11 gets you Reparation to help with group heals while you dps too).

    Inquis/Cabalist is high dps too, but tends to be a bit squishy, so it's doable for leveling but more risky.

    This is assuming "fast kill speed" is your definition of "best solo." As mentioned, many other specs (shaman or druid primary, healing soul like warden or purifier as secondary) are also quite popular, with decent dps and good survivability also.

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    An ideal melee DPS solo leveling build with plenty of self-healing should look something like this:


    Long and short of it is that 11 points in Justicar gets you Mien of Honor and Doctrine of Bliss along with Salvation for some wicked self healing when combined with the Shaman reactive heal. The main Shaman tree will help you dish out the DPS, while the points in Druid will help you dish out even more DPS. The Druid pet is nice while soloing too for a little extra DPS and healing, and you can't really beat the Druid shield with a stick.

    The Shaman tree has some points stuffed into AoE abilities. Depending on your play style, you may not want or need those. If you don't plan to AoE ever while leveling, you can skip the AoE talents, though I don't recommend it because there's nothing better to do with your points in this tree.
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    I'm just 19, I have found that justicar/shaman/druid has been good to me;

    Druid for the pet/healbot (probably drop it later), use a two hander (the blue one bought with planerite)

    I get huge contribution in rifts/invasions, and solo at least 5 equal level mobs. Mind you that i am mainly questing and rifting to level.

    I have one macro (doing this from memory @ work)

    cast fated blow
    cast glory of the chosen
    cast censure
    cast massive blow
    cast Bolt of radiance
    cast lightning hammer

    FB and GotC are reactionary, censure is a debuff damage attack. Massive blow is a big boy, bolt of radiance is there because it is on cool down, and LH is the main attack and it can reset massive blow.

    I will reevaluate once i get avalanche strike or even justice. but for now it is working for me. YMMV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vexxen View Post
    Best cleric leveling spec for solo?
    the one thats in game hitting things levels faster than the one thats in forums making posts
    who took my names!

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    depends if you want killing speed or safety. i like safety

    2 points in druid gets you a shield and a faerie
    6 points in shaman gets you a 2nd shield
    0 points in justicar gets you salvation healing

    then you can decide more dmg or more defense

    this is good for beginners since it really doesnt matter if you charge into a bunch of monsters since you can take a beating

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