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Thread: Warden not IT?

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    Default Warden not IT?

    Hey guys I heard the noise on warden and switched m pve sent build to warden, still using sent in pvp with purifier and templar. But as I get closer and closer to 50 I am noticing warden is having more and more issues keeping the tank much less everyone up. I recently switched through a multitude of warden specs finally landing on http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=10...0V.xE0xqkRqz.L ( am 47 btw). Have never had issues keeping anything up before. Matter of fact till now I used ot go by the saying if I cant heal it, it can't be healed. Has anyone else noticed the drop off in warden heal strength or is it just me?

    or should i just use something like this :


    or this:


    or perhaps somethign in between?
    I am not healing at the moment because I don't want to, you suck becuase you have to. At least I have a choice.

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    Night and day difference in keeping your hots up and the tank.

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