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Thread: Pet Movement

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    Default Pet Movement

    Normally i am not one to complain about seemingly small things but after an entire night of Warfronts there has been a common complaint amungst my friends and I. . . Pets seem way to fast. As a Marksman built for movement speed and kiting there is no reason a pet should be able to keep up with me while line kiting or just plain evacuating to regroup.

    Seeing the Marksman burst speed is faster it goes without saying that even mount speed is not enough to escape a Razorbeast.

    Am I just being crazy or have other people noticed this as well?

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    Pets are actually really slow, they take forever to get to a target. The problem you're having is razorbeasts have a 'charge' ability which instantly zaps them right to their target, and its on a short cooldown so if you get away they can pounce right back on top of you. It's the only pet that has this type of ability, but its also one of the lowest damage pets.

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