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Thread: Teleporting around (advice?)

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    Default Teleporting around (advice?)

    Hi folks,

    I'm looking for some advice or opinions. I just love teleporting all over the place; my favorite abilities back in WoW were things like Blink, Feral Charge, and Heroic Leap. So I'm thinking of playing either Riftstalker/Assassin or Riftblade/Paragon. The former has lots of teleports, the latter has one but ideally a constantly-refreshing cooldown.

    Which do you think is more fun, in particular for leveling? I'll worry about instances and PvP later. I realize "which is more fun" is entirely subjective and probably few if any people have played both of the above combinations, but if anyone has an opinion they'd be willing to share I'd appreciate it.

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    Truth be told, I think the champions charge ability (particularly after you spend points on it for in combat use with a stun every 15 seconds) rocks in comparison.

    However, a rift blade has to spend several skill points to develop a useful port ability. You won't see it until near endgame. A riftblade gains several ports at much earlier levels.

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    I think you can get a basic port with Riftblade just by picking the soul and putting no points into it. The beauty is you can change soul points and even what souls you have.

    I think they allow us to do this too often in fact, but it does allow you to correct any errors you think you have made.

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