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Thread: Having trouble deciding between tanks!

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    Default Having trouble deciding between tanks!

    I like to play tank toons. I was plesantly suprised to see that Rift has more than just the standard warrior tank. But the problem is now do I want to roll a Pally, Justicar or the rogue tank? I know that the viabilty of any tank end game is not known yet but what do you people think? Which one will be most useful for Pve, Pvp and a mix of both?

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    Depends on what you want, if you want to be a true tank, go warrior, if you want to be a gimmicky but still viable tank (and warp your concepts of MMO's), go rogue.

    I've never seen a cleric tank an instance before but I read on the forums that they can't hold aggro well.

    Play the class that seems most fun.
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