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Thread: Best healing classes to pick ?

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    Default Best healing classes to pick ?

    well the question stands in the title but i got 2 questions.. To start with i want to ask what u guys think is the best healing for raid to go with and second what would u say is the best pvp healer classes/specc to use..

    i mean what 3 classes and how to specc them would appreciate some feedbacks

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    For raids - Chloromancer.

    For PvP, i don't know nor care.
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    For PvE (exp/raid/dungeon) all class you want whitout the main DPS cleric or Chloromancer

    For PvP you can chose what your prefer of the ranged healer: Sentinel, Warden, Purifier, Bard and Chloromancer.
    The Bard is more a buffer, but have some nice healing skills.
    The Chloromancer must deal damage to heal and must be used good.

    I think that the best is warden or sentinel
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    Honestly, they are all good. Just pick a play style.

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    It's not really a matter of their being a best healing class. All healing specs have their strengths and their weaknesses. There won't be a single "THE HEALER" spec. But here's the breakdown:

    - Purifier (Cleric) - Strong single-target heals, damage absorption shields, and limited multi-target healing.
    - Sentinel (Cleric) - Balanced healer with good single-target and multi-target heals.
    - Warden (Cleric) - Relies heavily on heal-over-time effects, with an emphasis on multi-target healing, but has decent single target healing capabilities as well.
    - Chloromancer (Mage) - Damage dealing healer hybrid. Does most of their healing passively by dealing damage. Heals multiple targets passively, but gains a buff to place on your tank to greatly increase the healing they receive from you. Cannot be placed on yourself though. Have a few instant-cast, true heals for emergency situations.
    - Bard (Rogue) - Very similar in nature to the Chloromancer, but a Rogue instead of a Mage. Much more of a secondary healer, though, as they don't really have the means to focus their healing on the tank like a Chloromancer can.

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