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Thread: Roles, souls, and points

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    Default Roles, souls, and points

    Ok, so I'm a bit confused here...

    I thought the whole point of the role system was so that we could have different specs.

    My thought was that I have multiple roles. I level and get a new point to spend. I spend it in one role, switch to another role... and still have my point for this role available to spend... because otherwise how can you spec more than a few points in any soul if that one point you get per level, (or 2 depending on the level just dinged), if it's only good for one soul in one role?

    Here's what happened, and maybe it's because I have Warden in both roles... but I wanted to spend the points in Warden differently... actually in the other role I didn't want to spend it in Warden at all.

    I bought my 2nd role. I got another soul from the quest.

    My two roles are Just/Sent/Ward and Just/Shaman/Ward.

    So, after getting my 2nd role all spec'd out the way I wish... because it did start me off with a blank slate allowing me to spend all my points again in my new role... I went off to quest.

    I leveled and got one new point. In one role I spent it in Warden, then switched to my other role to spend it elsewhere... but it wouldn't let me.

    After I switched roles I still now had 0 points availabe to spend.

    Is that because I had Warden in both roles? That still sucks because just because I have Warden in both roles does NOT mean I want Warden spec'd the same way in both roles. Even if I did want to spend it in Warden in this other role... maybe I didn't want the point spend the same way.

    Or is it just that you can only spend your points in one role at a time?

    Please enlighten this confused Telarian.

    Thank you.

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    Its just a display error. If you close and reopen the Soul pane you'll see your point available to spend after switching roles.

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    PWEW !!

    Thank you very much... that would have sucked if it were actually supposed to work the way I was describing, LOL.

    Ya know... I've played LOTS of MMOs/Games ... I've seen display bugs before... some to the point you have to relog your character... I'm ashamed to say I never thought of this

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