I'm going to try these macro's also.

The trick to playing chamption is to macro a lot of abilities.
For example.
#show Titan's strike
cast Proper Timing
cast TItan's strike

This will give you guaranteed titanstrike crit every cooldown.

Another very useful macro is for all your reactive abilities.
#show Inescapable Fury
cast Inescapable Fury
cast Turn the Blade
cast Frenzied Strike

Now just bind this to a good button and spam the hell out of it as soon as one or more abilities proc for a good burst of damage.

Another good one is to macro rising waterfall with path of the wind so that if the target is in range and you can use it it will cast rising waterfall which is a powerful attack.

#show path of the wind
cast Rising Waterfall
cast Path of the Wind

Another favourite is macroing Punishing blow with deathblow. This macro will use deathblow if target is below 30% automatically else use punishing blow.

#Show Punishing Blow
cast Deathblow
cast Punishing blow