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Thread: Best 2 class combos for leveling with a friend

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    Default Best 2 class combos for leveling with a friend

    Was wondering if there was any thoughts on the best 2 classes to level with a friend. we are both advanced mmo players. I am sorry if this thread has been done. I couldn't find any.

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    I found that rogue with a cleric buddy makes a GREAT combo. Cleric main justi, rogue whatever DPS spec they want. Once you hit 18 slap on 2nd role and take Riftstalker tank mix and cleric take a ranged dps/healing mix.

    Easily handle most anything leveling wise and even easily handle elites at rifts.

    Although you could also easily do this with a warrior/cleric or chloro or mage with tanking pet and whatever else.
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