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Thread: best class and souls?

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    Default best class and souls?

    about too make my char any tips please? what dose the most damage and what is the best tank etc. thanks

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    sporebat....sporebat is best for dps

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    Chloromancer as main.


    Elemenal / Warlock / Chloro


    Necro / Warlock / Chloro

    It's absolutely insane at higher levels.

    You do a ton of DPS and heal yourself AND your raid for 80% of that.
    Also there is an ability that also increases healing by an extra 15%. Not sure if that is a total of 95% or additional 15% of 80%.
    Plus you can put their special buff on your pet and that thing will never die.

    It's really sad when a raid of 5 die to some bosses ands chloro can solo them.

    I love it. There is no real reason to play any other class.

    As far as combo classes with Chloro

    Element give you +crit and add spell damage and pet that taunts and stronger pet then necro.

    Necro gives you good dps and pet also does great dps with stacks on the mob. Also have drains.

    Warlock - DOT, DOT, DOT + heal from dots and spells. Plus the ALL IMPORTANT Health -> Mana. With this you will never run out of mana and it's instant cast.

    As far as I'm concerned warlock should be in ANY mage combo for the health to mana alone as NO MANA = DEAD.

    You do great DPS and heal at the same time. The only others I would recommend would be:


    Justicar: Heal 25% of your damage for you and raid.

    I usually go with Shaman / Justicar / and either Warden or Purifier.

    Warden equal great HOTs along with your dps healing.

    Purifier adds a DMG shield, plus very nice heals.


    Other class is:

    BARD - Cadence heals for 100% of damage done to you and raid, + tons of buff.

    Plus during rift you can spam your buffs and get TOP gold every time, especially the armor buff which casts faster then any buff, literally like half a second, watch that contrib gauge max out every time.

    I usually use: Ranger / Bard / Nightblade

    Or if you prefer Melee, use Bard / Riftstalker/ Nightblade.

    Ranger = extra Crit plus pet, good dps

    Rift = Extra Armor, HP, dmg shield, attack power, + heal 30% of total health if target dies with 5 dots.

    Nightblade = Alot of extra damage for abils, combo point abil and non physical (cadence), plus DOTs

    I've played all three and can EASILY take on 3 to 4 mobs at once and it usually takes a few people to take me out in warfronts.


    Chloro = highest survive and awesome DPS and healing at same time. Heal you and raid for 80% of damage. + additional 15% healing Even some clerics can't match the healing.

    Justicar = Good melee and very good heals + instant cast heals for you and raid. Heals for 25% of Justicar ability damage

    Bard = Best utility class in game and does great DMG and cadence can heal an entire raid. + Add in their special group heal with 5 dots and they can easily fill cleric role.
    Plus add in all the buffs and they are a great class all around. They also easily get the highest contrib during rifts because you can just simply spam your buffs and max it out every time.
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