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Thread: Your souls? And why did you choose it?

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    Default Your souls? And why did you choose it?

    Whats your souls? And why did you choose them.

    I'm Inquisitor/Sentinel/Warden

    Inquisitor: for Damage
    I took this soul for the damage output, and I like them because of their spells.
    Shields wich increasing damage and armor, damage over time spells and 1 fast bolt and 1 slow stronger bolt.
    Also debuffing people.

    Sentinel and Warden: for Survivability
    I choosed those souls so I could heal myself and other players in PVP and dungeons.

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    My heal build is warden/sentinel/purifier pretty self explanatory since they are all heal souls

    For solo play pve and pvp I'm running with justicar/shaman/inquisitor

    Justicar main- self healin while grp support healing, later on gets some decent cc and just overall good survivability

    Shaman secondary- extra dps and buffs

    Inq 3 soul with very fee points in it-ranged dmg and DoTs and extra life dmg skills to proc convictions and do dps
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