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Thread: Help me with class choice please

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    Default Help me with class choice please

    What class is considered end game main tank?

    Which class or classes are top DPSers?

    Currently I'm Pyromancer/Archon/Warlock and I just seem to lack DPS compared to some other classes (I'm lvl 10 now).

    Thank you in advance.

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    Well no idea what will be Top end game DPS because... no one has been to endgame yet. Main tanks will be with how it is right now a Rogue or Warrior, though my guess is at some point theyll fix block for cleric tanks and then all 3 will be equal in tanking ability.

    Btw imo Pyromancer is probably one of the top mage dps souls, but it doesnt work with warlock at all should really avoid taking 2 souls that deal completely different damage and done synergize. Try Pyro/Ele/Archon.
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