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Thread: Choosing class combinations

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    Default Choosing class combinations

    I'm looking for some advice from people who've been playing this game longer than me (which is one day). I'd like to make 4 characters - one from each calling. I'd like to have each one be excellent at one thing (one tank, one melee DPS, one caster DPS and one healer) but if I could also have them be excellent at something else that would be awesome. It appears that in Rift this would be possible much more than in WoW, but is it really?

    Like if I wanted to make a great melee rogue character, would he need to be Blade Dancer/Assassin/Nightblade (as an example. I don't really know what I'm talking about)? Or would he still be an awesome melee character and able to do great range DPS if I dropped one of those and replaced it with ranger? Or would I be better off just making a separate ranger/marksman/saboteur? Could I make a warrior who is also great at DPS by going paladin/reaver/champion? Or does he just become not as good a tank than if I'd chosen something else instead of champion?

    I know the real answer is probably "Do what you want" but I know from experience than in MMO's, some things work and some things don't. And it makes no difference how much you want something to work, it either will or won't. I'd like to know the answer to all this before I make a bunch of characters that are ok at a few things, but not really good at anything.

    Also, once you pick your three souls, is it possible to go back and change this or are they set in stone?

    Thanks so much to whoever takes the time to explain this to me.

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    Can't help you with the Min/Max stuff, but i can help you with your last question.
    You pick your three starting souls in the newbie zone. These are the souls you will be stuck with until lvl 13 (or is it 15). At that time you are able to talk to the specialist in your capital city to get a quest that allows you to gain access to that soul.
    You can also buy up to three more roles (4 total) from your calling trainer. With these you can save different build that you want to have. Like the Dual Talent Specialzation in WoW. You can change between these at anytime out of combat.

    Hope this helps.

    Edit: you can swap one soul with another as long as it has 0 points in it (aka reseting your talents)
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