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Thread: Silvertooth's character builder is now online

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    Default Silvertooth's character builder is now online

    The URL is http://www.silvertoothcb.com/rift

    Notable features in Silvertooth's character builder

    You're not required to spend points on abilities in any particular order.

    Other builders require you to buy the abilities in the same order as you do in the game. Silvertooth's builder doesn't. You can buy the abilities in any order, and if the build is illegal, the builder will simply warn you that it is. If you prefer to plan out builds by buying a few key abilities, and then see how much "filler" you'll need to reach them, being able to spend points in any order makes things much easier.

    Prerequisites are managed automatically.

    When you buy an ability, the builder automatically spends points on any prerequisites. When you remove points from an ability, the builder automatically refunds the points from any abilities that depend on the ability.

    Prerequisites are shown with animated lines instead of arrows.

    I thought the arrows that the game uses to represent prerequisites are a bit difficult to see, so the builder draws animated lines between abilities and their prerequisites. The line is green if you have the prerequisite, and red if you don't.

    The soul trees can be scaled

    By moving the slider labeled "soul tree scaling", you can reduce the size of the soul trees enough to see all of them without having to scroll the window.

    Characters and builds are stored in a server-side database

    When you generate the URL for a character or build, that URL points to an entry in the server-side database. You can change anything in the character or build without having to generate a new URL.

    Multiple game versions are supported.

    When the developers create a new game version for an MMO, the version typically goes onto a public test server for a while, then onto the North American servers, then onto the European servers. There can be a significant delay between each of these events. So at any one time, there may be up to three versions of the game which are publicly available. (It remains to be seen how Trion will handle this, but this is how things turn out in many MMOs.)

    Silvertooth's builder implements its ability database by using a "base version" and a set of "patches" that hold the ability changes made in later game versions. This allows you to create builds for any game version that the builder knows about, even if it isn't the version that's live in the USA.

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    Very nice builder, I like the added functionality.

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