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Thread: Hit/focus caps?

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    Default Hit/focus caps?

    So has anyone found out the hit/focus caps that will be relevant to endgame PvE content yet? Also will there be any way to remove dodges/parries or will all avoidance reduction be rolled into hit or will you simply have to live with the dodges.

    Can mobs in this game even dodge from behind in the first place? Played a mage most of the time in beta so haven't really payed attention to it.

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    the beta level cap was 42, so how would you see what lvl 50 players with epic gear stat caps would be?
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    Devs have said there will be no Hit Cap in the normal sense.

    In Rift Hit serves not just reduce your Miss (Duh!) but also the enemies Dodge and Parry (and possibly Block?). In WoW-terms it's Hit + Expertise.

    In PvE Bosses will just continue to grow their defenses so more hit will always come in handy.
    Obviously people will work out soft-caps at specific tiers / Raids later.

    *I don't care if people want to carry on the WoW-hate meme, it's a very useful frame of reference for MMOs and probably for most Rift players.

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