Lots of complaints and controversy have been surrounding the sab, simply because its mechanic of doing all its damage at once, scares people. There is lots of ideas floating around, often by people who have only glanced over the class on how to "fix" a problem that may or may not actually be there.

All of these desired fixes are about PVP only, and the pvpers are protesting like they are a Wisconsin union member, and don't really care about the PVE or as they like to call it "Carebear mode". So if we are going to go with 80's cartoon references for names, PVE is Carebear mode, and PVP is Snarf Mode.

One of the first complaints is that CC causes people to be unable to defend themselves from attacks of the sab and that the sab can keep up CC like a piece of buttered toast tied to the back of a cat can create energy.

Suggestions are "Make it do damage before attack". Seems brilliant in Snarf mode, as apperently CC is breakable by damage. However in Carebear mode, there is a skill that is often important for the sab after a certain level if they want to keep stacking on more powerful enemies. That is silent set up, a skill that is suppose to prevent the generation of aggro when throwing charges allowing the sab to do as depicted in the class description..

With proper preparation, a Saboteur can destroy enemies without ever giving them a chance to join battle.
The charges can be cleansed, therefor preventing damage. But "Oh no" say the Snarfs, "the cleric cannot cleanse faster than the sab can plant, therefor the sab wins. Lets have increased cool down times so that the sab and cleric are on equal GCD!" Again the Snarfs attempt to kick some carebear ***, because they are snarfs and only care about snarf mode for it was named just because they exist.

The suggestion has been to double the time it takes for GCD on sab abilities, making it take twice as long to do damage in carebear mode. Which means that low level carebears would be completely ineffective at everything beyond throwing that sticky nade. Many of times I have seen monsters die before I could even get a 3rd charge on the enemy. A wiseman once told me "He who does no damage gets no exp." And that is certainly the case here, unless you happen to be in the group of carebears who were killing the thing.