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Thread: Paragon or Bladedancer?

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    Default Paragon or Bladedancer?

    I know this is vague but im having trouble deciding, what are the perks to each class for leveling and group PvE? Thanks

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    Paragon is going to do more damage, especially in a group/raid setting.

    Paragons have more evasion than Bladedancers. Paragons also have a much more powerful defensive cooldown though Bladedancers get one at 0 with a 2 minute cooldown.

    The 6 second cooldowns of off GCD abilities is better than 10 seconds for the Bladedancer.

    Some key abilities in Bladedancer require you to be attacked, like Contra Tempo and Turn the Tide. If you are soloing, those will help quite nicely.

    Paragons get a weapon specialization ability maxing at 30 points invested for 50% dmg increase. A recent change gives Bladedancers 10% at 27 points invested.

    Paragons wear plate, which does help considering their avoidance is high as well.

    Paragons get Strike Like Iron which synergizes with everything assuming you are trying to kill things rather than take hits and even then it helps with threat.

    Bladedancers like all rogues have a 1 second global cooldown instead of 1.5 for Paragon

    When comparing deep investments, Paragons get Way of the Wind, which is quite powerful because it triggers their follow-up mechanic. Considering Bladedancer is also designed to do damage by being attacked, I cannot find anything in their tree that matches this ability.

    Bladedancers have a follow-up type of mechanic between their Keen Strike, which activates their Quick Strike and Precision Strike. I tested Double Coup (32 point root) and that can do some nice damage for 15 seconds (21 talented). Still, the 2 minute cooldowns + a 45 second lockout on all of their other 2 minute cooldowns really diminishes the utility.

    Bladedancers have a really good in-combat charge called Flash of Steel, which only has a cooldown of 15 seconds.

    Bladedancers have a 5 second silence+interrupt on a 10 second cooldown, which is at range and off the GCD called Weapon Barrage. Far more beaucoup than Double Coup! (pun intended)

    Hopefully that helps you. I tested my rogue up to level 36. Not the max level but high enough to get the signature abilities from all the rogue souls and test.
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