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Thread: Propose a class for me

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    Default Propose a class for me

    I was thinking of a Archon-Mage, I like DPS and I know Rogue will be top in DPS (Theoretically)

    But I am in love with the Magic class, I am wondering what would be the highest DPS Magic class or any that is fun to play and a good solo play class?


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    I really liked my Necro/Warlock/Chloro mage when I was soloing and running instances....

    I've found that for PvP Dominator was the way to go....honestly the amount of CC you get is rediculous and I usually just let the rogue(s) and warrior(s) do the damage

    A good all-out DPS build I've found is Pyro/Archon/Necro....had a lot of fun with it

    In the end I would just say pick and choose whatever you want, by lvl 20 you will be able to actively switch inbetween your roles (A role is a group of 3 souls) as you should have all the souls in your calling unlocked via quests by then

    Whatever you play, you will do the best if you are having fun playing it

    -Speaking from experience-

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