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Thread: NB/RS for pvp?

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    Default NB/RS for pvp?

    I am currently thinking about rolling a NB/RS for PvP, is it a good combo? I didn't play to much of the beta but I do have the Collectors Edition Pre Ordered...

    WoW , DAoC , Darkfall, and still currently playing UO becuase it's the only game that takes skill to kill someone still!

    Will Rift answer my prayers?

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    Nightblade is very good up to atleast level 30. I didnt play it beyond there, it goes around the issue melee has at the moment (namely everyone has so much CC good luck getting near them) by the fact you can do pretty good damage at range. I used to go with this rotation

    Dark malady (damage, 2 combo points and +20% damage for 8 seconds) from 15 yards
    3 stacks of your base dot (firey spike) whilst closing range
    Blazing strike
    Its only really now that anyone notices their taking damage 'cause the dots dont start ticking off together 'till now, by this point their backloaded with about 5 dots (from weapon procs) and have a nice chunk of their hp missing.
    Hit them with dusk strike (damage and 2 combo points)
    Twilight force (1 combo point, damage + snare)
    If their close to death hit the final finisher here, else spam 2 primal strikes then finish
    If their still alive (and not being healed) just use weapon flare or the ranged equivelent

    Usually by the time ytou hit twilight force you can use a finisher to kill them out right I find

    Riftblade is very useful though. Im looking at just taking the passives. +15% end/AP, +20% armour, -6% incoming damage. Gets me 3? teleports and a nice big endurance self buff
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