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Thread: Of the low tier +5 stat buff each class gets, why do mages get it so late?

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    Default Of the low tier +5 stat buff each class gets, why do mages get it so late?

    I'm talking about rank 1 5 endurance buffs, 5 dex buffs, and so on, all of those stats. AFAIK the only 5 int buff that mages get comes from pyromancer and you need to spend 10 points in pyro to get it. Was deciding these skills a competition and the mage developer lost?

    For mages:

    5 int skill - Burning intellect, 10 points in pyro
    5 end skill - Neddras strength, 10 points in warlock

    For rogues: (not gonna mention bard as they get several such skills at various levels due to being support)

    5 dex skill - Combat pose - 6 points in bladedancer
    5 AP skill - Predatory instincts - 6 points in ranger
    5 end skill - Planebound resilience - 4 points in riftstalker

    For clerics:

    3% damage 43 armor - Armor of treachery - 6 points in inquistor (self only though)
    5 end skill - life of the aegis - 8 points in purifier
    5 end skill - heroic blessing - 4 points in sentinel
    5 dex skill - courage of jaguar - 2 points in shaman (gets more courages later but can only use 1 at a time)

    For warriors:

    7 strength skill - Bond of might - 8 points in beastmaster, 40% better than other stat buffs from rank 1
    5 end skill - Aegis of vitality - 4 points in paladin
    5 str skill - Focus of strength - 8 points in paragon
    5 end skill - Aspect of fallen hero - 8 points in warlord

    It's quite clear that mages get screwed here, it may only be a minor thing, and 5 int may not seem like much, but that's rank 1, it will be more useful at max rank. Mages have to spend 10 points into pyro to get it. I know not every mage will even care, but for some with a spare 3rd soul slot taking a soul that grants an int buff early on could have been considered a valid choice, but not for 10 points if the int buff is really all you're getting. The majority of classes get a stat buff between 4 and 8, some as low as 2, with an overall rough average of 6.

    So why should mages have to spec 10 points for the end buff and int buff? These skills also won't reach such as a high rank as other skills because mages don't even get the +5 rank 1 buff until level 10.

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    meh clerics also don't get a 15% main stat buff that all the other callings get.

    every calling has it's ups and downs no need to be overdramatic esp since all those end buffs don't stack with each other and in groups you will always find someone to cast it on you.
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