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Thread: Need help choosing an archetype, any advice

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    Question Need help choosing an archetype, any advice

    I played every calling to about level 15 in the beta, but still can't decide on which calling to really commit to. So here I am, asking the audience so to speak. All of the callings are incredibly versatile, which makes it to hard to choose. Yes, I'm aware I could make more than one, but I'm very much an anti-altoholic. I like to make one char, and stick with it. In EQ I played a druid. In WoW I had a warrior and a druid.

    The most important thing is I want a class that can main tank. Then after that I'd like to be able to heal in PvP, do some DPS (melee preferred), not be too squishy, and maybe can do some main healing (but not required). Obviously not all of those at once. Right now I'm leaning towards Cleric or Rogue. I played a ranger/bard briefly and loved him. But recently I discovered that bards can't main heal, so that has me a bit concerned about life at max level since I hate being one of a billion DPS chars. Also, I don't really know if I can handle being that squishy... but they seem to have a pretty big toolbox which makes them pretty awesome, especially in PvP.

    I also played a PvE justicar cleric with a PvP Sent/Warden/Purifier (full heals) soul. I really enjoyed the cleric for PvP healing, that was a lot of fun. In PvE I never got to use the heals souls much because every rift was so easily zerged no one took that much damage, and I never got high enough to try healing a dungeon group. As a justicar I always felt rather underwhelming. It seemed I had very little utility spells or tools at my disposal. It was use my basic attack, or heal myself/party, and not much in between.

    Does Justicar tanking get better? Do clerics get any utility later on: interrupts, CC, slows, stuns, snares, anything to add some flavor. How are the melee cleric and ranged souls like Druid, Shaman, Inquisitor and Cabalist, anything interesting in those? In my heart of hearts I *want* to like a cleric because it seems like the only class that can main tank and main heal, but I just found the justi tanking rather boring. So does it get better or do I have to be just another FOTM rogue =p, although I'd be sticking with it even their month finishes.

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    Rogue, tank with riftstalker, do good DPS, plus heal with bard.

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