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Thread: Dilemma - What Class

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    Default Dilemma - What Class

    I was I thought determined to start with my Necromancer got to level 39 and was extremely happy with how I played him.

    Then I looked at Bard and took him to 20 and was over the moon with his performance as well.

    Then my son loves being a healer so I started a Tank warrior and we as a team did really well to level 21 so easily fighting elites with my son's mana bar staying at full (he really needs to do Iron Tombs to test it properley)

    So basically my dilemma is every character I have played in this game once I have played him for about an hour and got the mechanics right I fall in love with it so what do I start with on the 24th February.

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    It's not a dilemma when the 'problem' is picking between choices that you really love.

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