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Thread: Cleric build help, please!

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    Default Cleric build help, please!


    So I'm really liking this set up so far. I dip into the Inquisitor and the Cabalist for the spell resists. With 16 points in the inquisitor and 6 in the Cabalist, I have +40 air, earth, fire, and water resists, as well as +30 life and death resists, not to mention the armor buff from "Armor of Treachery". Then I assume I spend the rest of my points into Justicar for the huge armor buffs and self heals, but I'm not exactly sure what talents to spec for. I plan to have Mien of Leadership on at all times since the +armor is what will make this work. How should I spec the rest of those points?

    Of course, the above build is purely for PVP tanking. Assuming that I need to heal, what are the best PVP and PVE pure healer builds? AoE healing seems kinda of silly to me since you pretty much have tank n spank in instances, while who ever is holding the Fang/Flag will be needing single target heals.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Dropping in to say that you probably want to either completely avoid the block talents in Justicar or take all of them. Considering the low armor on Cleric shields, low amount of damage mitigation through blocking (it's increased through STR, which Clerics don't get, so you'll reduce damage by maybe 20-25%), greater DPS and increased parry chance through having a 2h... well you probably just want to ignore all of the block talents and go with a 2h.
    Also, if this is for PVP, wouldn't the pvp soul be better than either Inq or Cabal?

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