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Thread: Possible PvP healing build would love feed back

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    Default Possible PvP healing build would love feed back

    http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=10....VuRc0xezo.x0c OK for this build your going rely on your shield ( unaffected by Mien Of Leadership) Spells and spamming of banish for convictions and obviously using your Justicar heals now this might seem crazy but this will allow you to have Mien of leadership up. Heal effectively with at 50 I'm guessing Around 6k hp and a lot of armor block and parry chance for most of those pesky rogue classes.A spam cleanse, the only real problem i could see for this build is mana from spamming banish but then you have your Purpose to use and randomly hit anyone a few times. I would love feed back on what you guys think?
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    Looks interesting and although I skimmed by it pretty quick I didn't see much damage mitigation from spellcasters.
    Would piss off a lot of rogues for sure.
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