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Thread: unusual builds that are effective?

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    Default unusual builds that are effective?

    i was trying some wonky builds with my cleric. i tried main healing a rotf instance with justicar/shaman/sentinel, using righteous mandate on the tank to heal him w/ damage, spending convictions to either group heal or focus heal the tank, and reparation to group heal with my damage.

    i actually think i was putting out a lot of hps. we beat the first boss and got most of the way to the 2nd boss. but we were wiping on bad pulls and our tank was pretty squishy and there was absolutely 0 CC, so a little lvl 16 mage started flaming me and i decided i'd had enough.

    it's a ****in beta guys, give me a break.

    i still think it could be an effective healing build though.

    any thoughts or other builds you have found to be unusually effective?
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    I can't help you with builds, but I can at least give some encouragement. We have a lot to play around with and to pigeonhole builds is silly at best. Keep trying it, maybe it was your fault, maybe it was the tanks fault, maybe it was the no CC(which not CCing on bad pulls is a wiper unless it's easy content. Actually, there is really no reason not to CC anything above 1-2 mobs, unless the tank and/or healer says otherwise).

    As long as you enjoy playing that build, keep it and develop it. Maybe it will become better with more gear /shrug. One run is not enough to call it a bad build, especially with the adds and the no CC.

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    I healed a RoF at level 22 with that build... i was putting out enough heals to keep everyone up and was also doing some pretty decent damage, FYI we did have a bard in the group for some extra aoe heals... but overall i think it worked out better because we pretty much had 4 DPS instead of the normal 3 so things died alot faster.

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