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Thread: Abilities that are the same

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    Default Abilities that are the same

    Quick question.. I noticed this on my Warrior I created towards the very end of beta last night (Was the only class I didn't try all beta so I wanted a little time on it)

    Paladin Soul: Righteous Blow
    Reaver: Dire Blow

    Both abilities do the exact same thing. So why use both? I shouldn't right?

    But what about at higher levels? Will both abilities scale identically with each rank? I noticed this on the rogue class as well. So what's the general idea? Is that a sign that the Paladin and Reaver souls aren't meant to be used together?

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    Classes that have similar purposes will have similar abilities in case you only take one of them. If you are a tank, you need an extra threat generating ability ... if only one tree offered it, all tanks would be forced to take that specific soul.

    Good practice would be to just use whichever is either a higher rank, or which is in the tree you have more points in. But, the overlap on the newbie skills does have a purpose (and if they werent identical there would be people complaining that X soul is better because their Y skill that does the same thing is better).

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