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Thread: Justicar Main Tank?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DuoakaKanami View Post
    Some people cant be wrong you know....Besides the fact he plays on the intelligence card calling you stupid when he cant even capitalize the beginning of his sentences lol.
    because this forum is a college essay and / or a business report right?

    and yes i am right about justicar tank, it has nothing to do with "i think " im right , it has to do with the plain fact that "i am" right cuz my claims can all back themselves up with facts. i NEVER make a statement on anything unless i have factual evidence backing it.

    if people cant see the info thats put in front of their face to see why the justicar makes the best tank, then idk what to say.

    people just dont like to be called out about things and proven wrong, thats why they get mad.. they dont get mad over the fact the other person is right, they get mad simply because they cant do anything about it.. when facts are presented to them, they get angry.. hence the term " truth hurts"

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    So versus a primarily magic using raid boss, a Justicar is going to be a better tank then a Void Knight?

    Just sayin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turbododge View Post
    people just dont like to be called out about things and proven wrong, thats why they get mad..
    Yes, we know. That's what's happening to you.

    Your 'facts' backing up your nonsense list all kind of things that sound great until you realize that you haven't compared them to anything.

    -self heals on attack
    -aoe heals on attack

    ---Reaver has a DoT that heals them, which can hit countless mobs. All 3 of their AoE DoTs can proc Radiant Spores on Every tick. You can add this to the paladins ability to heal themselvs, while damaging the enemy, every time they block. A Justicar cannot, not even closely, heal themselves as well as a Reaver/Paladin in an AoE situation.

    -2x bubbles ---That absorb one hit?
    -mass damage --Nothing close to Reaver or Paladin
    -massive aoe cleave --Nothing even remotely close to what a Reaver can do in AoE. 3 Dots to spread, a spamable cleave and a finisher AoE. Paladins have essentially the same tools.

    - +300% threat generation ---This is not an advantage over other tanks. All other tanks just have the threat in each attack rather than a buff

    - +90% endurance ---All other tanks get this via more End on their armor and/or passive abilites that give End per point spent

    - +100% armor --Makes up for Chain vs. plate, not an advantage

    - +1% to armor per point spent in justicar tree --More of the same

    -+5% increased critical heal effect ---Woopy?

    -+10-+20% increased incoming heals --Warlords get something similar, and this is yet more making up for a lack of actual defensive stats on armor

    Remember that you can get almost every useful tool in 2 of the 3 of Warlord/Pally/Reaver. An Anything/Warlord can do just about everything a Justicar does while buffing their raid a very substantial amount. The Justicar cannot.

    Nobody is trying to say OMG JUSTICARS SUCK. We're just saying that you're way too in love with it to see what's really going on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by turbododge View Post
    wtf u talking about?
    theres no such thing as justicar dps.... justicar is a TANK class, nothing else.
    Mien of Honor, 'nuff said.

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