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Thread: Lower cast time of vile spores!

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    Default Lower cast time of vile spores!

    Title says it all. Chloromancer is a great class that I just started getting into. The problem is the availabiliity of spells at lower levels and possibly upper levels as well. ( I am lvl 22 now).

    I have one spammable spell, one instant, one castable dot, and one channel on a long cool down. So i cast all but the spammable one, vile spores and then start spamming. The problem is vile spores takes forever to cast as a primary spam spell. 2 seconds really is just too long, especially given the small amount of damage that it does. Even with the dot effect it is only doing about 75% of the damage other comparable spells are doing.

    Please, it is death to have to sit there and spam a slow, low damage spell over and over again. Either lower the cast time to 1.5 seconds up front, or allow it to be talented, lowering cast time by .1 for a maximum of .5.

    Please, I love this class, but its boring and disappointing to have to spam a low damage, slow casting spell over and over again.

    Thanks Trion.

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    It heals for nearly the full amount of damage it does though, which makes it awesome, and honestly when you factor in the dot the damage is pretty awesome. Chloromancers are not supposed to be a DPS mage when all is said and done.

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    perhaps you could be bothered to check out the search function with chloromancer or visit the various chloro threads to see where you dont use the potential a chloro has ?

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