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Thread: Cast time in Insta Cast Abilities

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    Default Cast time in Insta Cast Abilities

    20 Meter Range
    30 Energy
    Cooldown: 30.00 Seconds
    Disrupts the magical energy of a single enemy, increasing casting times by 20% for 10 seconds.

    Does this ability make an Insta Cast ability have a cast time? I know is some games it does, just wondering if it does in this one as well.

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    insta casts will always be insta cast..

    0 + 20% = 0
    1.5 + 20% = 1.7
    For all the errors we as a user base have, had and will get, know that Trion is a company that does seem to try to help, that is itself is a lot more than some other game company I could name...

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