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Thread: Glaring Issues

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    Default Glaring Issues

    Whats wrong with the Alpha testers? I'm not proposing any fix because that's not our job, the job is to expose the problems so the devs can fix them.

    I'm not crunching numbers or giving reasons, if you have played this game for any amount of time you can respect that these things are obviously in need of revision.

    Easily identifiable glaring issues:

    Mana drains & stacking charges on targets who are cc'ed and defensless
    Clerics - not the best healers, also encounter mana issues. Try getting into a high level SC with 4 or 5 bards which is not uncommon.
    Flamespear / discharge
    Bards... in general. Endless energy,15 seconds of invulnerability with virtuoso, no mana problems. a very powerful mindless 3 button rotation.

    When you see the vast majority of people running the same soul combos and dodging the same abilities in the soul trees, where is the diversity anymore?

    A sword and board warrior doing massive range damage? Bad idea.

    Yes this is Beta, but this is the time to make an effort to balance everything before launch. I don't think this game is ready to go live if they use the leaked patch notes, which they pretty much have followed to the T previously.

    There are probably more glaring balance issues which I'm sure are being looked at, but.. get better feedback and fix it quicker.

    Flame away!
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